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Dog Training

Dog Training

T & T Game Birds is not only a wonderful place to hunt pheasant ,quail and chukar, but the ideal spot to train your hunting dog. If you want your dog to be trained on upland birds and not strictly pushed through a program please let us know.

Personalized Training

Each breed of dog has its own instincts, habits, and tendencies. Therefore, each training session is tailored to what your dog needs. We will be in constant communication with you to make sure you know exactly where your dog is at in the training process.

Effective, Enthusiastic, Ethical

We will work hard to train your dog in an effective, enthusiastic, and ethical way! I believe that dogs have the natural pointing gene in them. Once dogs are hunting hard and enjoying finding birds you can then start refining them.  I let the dogs tell me the pace they can learn at.  I find no joy in pressuring a dog to do tasks they are not ready for.  Communication with the owner is key to know their dog’s personality and what they are wanting and needing from there hunting partner.