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Our Story

T&T Gamebirds and Hunting Preserve was started in 2016 by Randy Terry. The game bird side was started out of need for birds to train his German Shorthair pointer and has expanded to over 30,000 birds per year. At T&T Game Birds, we strive to have healthy, strong flying quail, pheasant, and chukar that both commercial operations and private individuals can use. The hunting preserve began a year later as we saw a need for a place that hunters and dog owners could use and enjoy upland bird hunting. As the only membership-driven hunting preserve in West Texas, we take pride in having great members from all over west Texas that enjoy the ability to hunt as often as they like on our 1400 acres, which is divided into 7 separate fields. Our mission is to offer great birds, great service, and great people at T&T Hunting Preserve. Our passion is to see members and hunters out enjoying the great outdoors! We strive to have hunters leave us saying, “This was as good of a hunt as we have ever had!”

Brandon Stone


I am Brandon Stone and I am one of your guides for T&T Game Birds! I come from a family that is very passionate about upland hunting and bird dogs. I have been hunting upland birds over dogs since I was a little kid. I have bird dogs of my own, German short-haired pointers and an English setter. Watching dogs work and meeting new people is one of the greatest joys and experiences of upland hunting to me! I have hunted all over the Texas Panhandle into New Mexico and Arizona chasing upland birds.

Nathan Reeves


Nathan Reeves was born and raised in West Texas. Blessed to have gotten to spend my childhood and early adulthood in the outdoors with my family hunting, fly fishing and racing dirt bikes. I have always been an avid bird hunter and have always enjoyed getting to share experiences in the outdoors with family, friends, and especially clients. Upland hunting has always been my favorite type of hunting largely in part to getting to watch the dogs work but also getting to know people in conversations and getting to share in their excitement of harvesting upland birds behind dogs. The Lord has blessed my wife Sarah and I with two
sons as well as our dogs, Arlo and Scout.

Dathan Terry


My name is Dathan Terry and I am the Head Guide at T&T Hunting Preserve and head dog trainer at D4Kennels. My passion is hunting and training bird dogs. I truly enjoy hunting and want to see others enjoy the great outdoors as much as I do. I also love hunting wild birds all over the U.S. and enjoy fishing, playing golf and traveling with my wife.

Alex Allman


I live in Lubbock but grew up on a farm raising cattle in the Midwest. I currently work at T&T Game Farms and D4 Kennels. The outdoors have always been a necessary and important factor in my life. I joined the Marine Corps out of high school and conducted combat operations all over the globe. After the Marines, I went to Texas Tech and pursued a bachelor’s degree while also becoming an instructor in various aspects of firearms training, operations, and safety. I spend my free time outdoors with my family and friends. I hope to pass on my knowledge and experience to others.

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