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T&T Game Birds and Hunting Preserve – Hunts and Dog Training for Hunters Everywhere

T&T Game Birds and Hunting Preserve is a unique and exciting outfitter located outside of Lubbock Texas. T&T Game Birds and Hunting Preserve is great for individual, family, corporate hunts and more.


We offer guided and unguided pheasant, quail and chukar hunts on 1000+ acres of CRP located 20 minutes outside of Lubbock.

Dog Training

Dogs are incredible hunting companions. T & T Game Birds love dogs and believe that they are more than just tools. We provide space to train your dog in a healthy, fun, and productive way. If you are a hunter short on time or want to train your bird dog on live birds, this is the perfect option for you. Learn more about our dog training here.

Game Birds

If you are looking to purchase birds of your own, check out our pricing at our Game Birds page.

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