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August is the time the seasons start to change. As school begins, the hot summers turn to a hopefully more mild fall, and sports start back up, hunting season grows closer and closer. Whether you have been hunting since you were a preschooler or you are new to the sport, T&T Game Birds in Lubbock offers upland bird pheasant hunting. Our preserve has something for everyone no matter what skill level. Hunting is the perfect activity to teach and learn patience and discipline, and there is no better place to hunt than with T&T Game Birds. The hunting preserve is a short 20 minutes from the heart of Lubbock, Texas, and multiple packages offer you the perfect options for whatever you are looking for. From half-day unguided hunts to trips you can take over a long weekend, T&T Game Birds has all the upland bird hunting you could ask for!


With hunts running from October through February, hunters at T&T Game Birds are able to choose their package and make it what they want. If you are new to hunting or would prefer instruction while you are out, a guided pheasant hunt offers professional guides and bird dogs, bird cleaning, and drinks and lunch provided in the field. You can choose between a half-day, 3 night and 2 day, or 4 night and 3 day hunt. Both of the longer guided hunt packages provide guests with meals, hotel accommodations, and bird cleaning, and the longest hunt also offers things like brewery tours in Lubbock or a Texas Tech sporting event. Unguided hunts are also offered for those who are more experienced and prefer a bit more solitude. Guides and dogs are not provided for unguided hunts.


T&T Game Birds outside Lubbock, Texas, offers the best upland bird hunting experiences on the South Plains for hunters of all experience levels, from beginners to experts. To learn more and to book your hunt, contact us today!