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The hot summer months are now here, and while hunting is in an off season, it is a great time to start training your dog to be your hunting partner come September. When your dog is well trained and knows what to do while you are out hunting together, there is nothing that can replace how well you work together. On the other hand, a dog that is not trained may bolt, scare off prey, or cower at the sound of your gun. Not only does a good gun dog make your hunting more efficient by sniffing out tracks and tracking down and retrieving prey that has been shot, but they are also excellent hunting companions. There are few hunting partners as good as your beloved and well trained gun dog. T&T Game Birds in Lubbock, Texas, is proud to offer gun dog training to help you and your dog get ready for hunting season.


At T&T Game Birds, we truly believe that you cannot put a price on hunting beside a great gun dog. Whether your dog has been in your family for a while or is brand new, we believe that every dog can be trained to become a great gun dog. We do not buy into the old saying of, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” Our dog trainer Randy knows that every dog breed and each individual animal has a different personality, tendencies, instincts, and habits. This is why every session at T&T Game Birds is specifically tailored to what your dog needs and is ready to do. Your dog will not be lumped into a class and expected to perform exactly the way the other dogs in the class are performing. Instead, Randy sits down with you before your sessions and discusses what you are hoping to get out of the training. Your dog is not rushed into any tasks and is not pushed to do things he or she is not ready for.

T&T Game Birds in Lubbock, Texas, offers gun dog training that is perfect for your dog. Take advantage of the warmer months by training your dog to be your hunting partner! Contact us today to ensure that your dog is ready to go by hunting season.