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Spring has sprung, and being outdoors has become a mostly pleasant experience again. With longer days here to stay for a while and nice weather, this is the perfect time to get your dog trained to be your hunting partner come next hunting season. A good gun dog is an excellent hunting companion as well as a tool for a better hunt. T&T Game Birds outside of Lubbock, Texas, offers gun dog training to help you and your dog have the best hunting experience possible. In particular, we offer gun dog training for pointing and flushing breeds. Pointers include English pointers and Irish setters, and flushing breeds include spaniels and retrievers.


In hunting, pointers are used to find game. They instinctively stop and point their muzzles in the direction of their prey, helping their hunters to locate game. Flushing dogs are largely used for upland game and put game in the air for their hunters. At T&T Game Birds outside Lubbock, Texas, our trainer Randy knows that it is invaluable to hunt behind a great gun dog. Whether your dog is old or young, new to your family or has been around for a long time, we believe that every dog can be trained to become a hunting dog. T&T Game Birds does not believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and we also know how to train your new dog to have the temperament and ability of an old dog. Randy knows that every dog breed and individual animal has a different personality, tendencies, instincts, and habits. This is why every session at T&T Game Birds is specifically made for what your dog can handle and is ready to do. Your dog will not be lumped into a class and expected to perform in a “one size fits all” curriculum. Instead, Randy sits down to meet with you before your sessions and discusses what you are hoping to get out of the training.


T&T Game Birds in Lubbock, Texas, offers gun dog training that is made specifically for you and your dog. Contact us today to ensure that your dog is ready to go by hunting season.