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You may have been contemplating taking your family dog hunting, but there is one thing holding you back: they only know how to sit, lie down, and sometimes they stay! While there is something special about hunting with a good gun dog, it has to also be true that nothing can ruin a good trip faster than an ill-trained or untrained dog. If you have been wanting to get your dog trained to hunt with you or have thought about training your dog on your own, consider that training your own puppy or dog for hunting is no small task. A good gun dog is made through hard work, patience, and time that most dog owners do not have. At T&T Game Birds, located near Lubbock, Texas, we are happy to offer gun dog training for you and your dog. With years of experience and a passion for training dogs, T&T Game Birds is the ideal place to have your dog made into the perfect hunting partner.


Whether you are ready to train the new puppy you received for Christmas or would like your family dog to be trained to join you on your hunts, our dog trainer Randy is excited to invest in training your dog to become the best gun dog and hunting partner they can be. No two dogs are the same regardless of their breed or even familial lines, and that is why Randy tailors each training session to the instincts, tendencies, habits, and personality of your dog. Randy also believes that dogs are eager to learn and do so best at their own pace rather than being forced into tasks they are not ready to perform. Before training even begins, we sit down with you and discuss your expectations and goals for your dog. Each session is based on what your dog needs and is ready to do.

If you are looking to hunt behind a great gun dog soon, T&T Game Birds offers gun dog training in Lubbock, Texas. You can take your hunting trips from good to great after your dog completes our ethical, enthusiastic, and exciting gun dog training. Contact us today to learn more about our gun dog training!