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While hunting with a group of friends and family can be fun, exciting, and a great way to make memories that will last forever, there is no hunting companion quite as beneficial as a good hunting dog. Not only does a well-trained gun dog increase the chances of a successful hunting trip, but they can also make your hunt more efficient and easier. A good gun dog will reduce the amount of time you spend tracking down the prey you have shot, retrieve game, sniff out tracks for you, and accompany you on hunts where you may prefer the solitude and silence. T&T Game Birds outside Lubbock, Texas, is proud to offer gun dog training.

At T&T Game Birds, we believe that hunting behind a well-trained dog is truly priceless. Whether you got a new dog for Christmas and would like it trained to go on hunts with you or you are interested in training your family dog to become a great gun dog, we are excited to invest in helping your dog become the best hunting dog he or she can be. Our trainer, Randy, knows that every dog breed has its own instincts, habits, and tendencies along with each dog’s individual personality. Each training session at T&T Game Birds is tailored to what your dog needs and is ready for. Before your dog begins training, our trainer will sit down with you and discuss what you are hoping to get out of these sessions. Randy believes that dogs are natural pointers (meaning they stop and become motionless with their nose pointed at a particular spot), and they perform best when they are learning at their own pace rather than being rushed onto a task they are not ready for.

T&T Game Birds Dog Training outside Lubbock, Texas, is the perfect place to train your hunting dog. We offer personalized dog training that is effective, enthusiastic, and ethical. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your dog become the best hunting dog possible!