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As another hot summer comes to a rapid end, a new season is around the corner: hunting season. From the most experienced of hunters to those just starting out, T&T Game Birds is here to help you have the most fun and safe hunting season possible. Our hunting preserve is only a 20-minute drive from Lubbock, and our multiple packages offer hunters the opportunity to choose between a long weekend (or weekday) hunt or a half-day hunt so you can still make it back to Lubbock in time to catch a football game.

T&T Game Birds has hunts running from October to February, and we offer custom packages so you get exactly the hunt you are wanting. If you are new to hunting or would prefer a more instructed, planned hunting trip, one of our guided hunts would be perfect for you! Guided hunts include a three-person minimum for half a day (professional guide and bird dogs, bird cleaning, and beverages and lunch provided) and a four-person minimum for both 3 night & 2 day and 4 night & 3 day trips. Should you choose the 3 night and 2 day package, you will be provided with a hotel and meals, lunch and beverages in the field, bird cleaning, as well as guides and bird dogs. The 4 night and 3 day package includes all of these things as well as activities such as a Texas Tech sporting event or brewery tours in Lubbock. Unguided hunts are also offered for more experienced hunters, but guides and bird dogs are not provided for unguided hunts.

At T&T Game Birds, our main focus is providing you with an experience you won’t forget. We strive to create the most fun and safe environment possible for hunters of all ages and expertise levels.