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Bobwhite Quails are game birds typically found in the Eastern and Central Northern American regions. A part of the species of birds generally called the New World Quail, the Bobwhite is a small game bird, that has reddish-brown plumage. The name Bobwhite is received from its distinguished feature of the whistling call.

The lifespan of Bobwhite Quails:

Bobwhites can live for up to four or five years in the wild. It’s a common hunting bird. They are typically between ten to eleven inches in length and has a wingspan of between fourteen to sixteen inches, weighing between fourteen to sixteen ounces. The female species are slightly smaller than the male species.

Feeding habits of Bobwhites:

Diet differs with season and places where Bobwhites live. They feed on many seeds, especially legumes, leaves, buds, berries, acorns, roots, insects, flowers, grains, and snails but they eat mostly seeds in Winter while they eat insects in Summer. The young Bobwhites eat mostly insects until they mature. They feed mostly in the mornings and evenings and spend the rest of the day in hiding although their feeding habits change with time due to changes in weather. They extend their feeding activities in the winter to improve their metabolism for the protection and management of their body heat.

Breeding of Bobwhites:

Bobwhites are bred specifically for their high egg productivity, flight ability due to their long tail, wing features and their large size.

Habitats of Bobwhites:

Bobwhites are normally found in bushy tree lines on roadsides, in rolling agricultural land that has lots of bushy sides and roadside ditches. They can also be found in pastures or farmland. Bobwhites also like tall woods with thick and bushy vines but they don’t hold up well in any harsh or excessive Winter conditions.

Differentiating between a male and a female Bobwhite:

The major distinguishing characteristic of a male and female Bobwhites is the coloring of their heads. The male Bobwhite has the following characteristics: His body is brown with black markings while it’s throat and the areas above his eyes are predominantly white. The female Bobwhite also has a brown body with brown coloration, the white details on her face and head are lacking.

Bobwhites are mostly found in America and their main predators are Raccoons, Armadillos, Opossums, Bobcats, Foxes, and Coyotes. For more information on all of our game birds, seasonal hunting, and other programs, contact T&T Game Birds in Lubbock, Texas, today!