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Smart Tips On Stocking Game Birds From T&T Game Birds

Game birds are by far, one of the most interesting businesses around the world. For a lot of farm owners, game birds can add a fun, new dimension to their operations. For land owners, stocking with game birds can make your land more valuable and functioning for hunters. They are useful in so many ways and have a ton of benefit. You can easily raise them for their eggs and meat, hunt them, or use them to train hunting dogs. At T&T Game Birds we raise quail and pheasant for use on our own hunting preserve and to sell to others for food or fun.

Be Knowledgeable About Game Bird Regulations

The first thing you should consider before venturing into owning game birds are the laws that govern them. The regulations for owning and breeding game birds differs from state to state. While some insist you have a breeders license, another might not necessarily have that requirement. There are, also, the laws that govern when the birds should be released into the wild. All of these are important to note before raising game birds.

T&T Game birds is current on all Texas requirements and regulations for the birds we raise. When you purchase our birds you can rest assured that everything is done legally and properly to help .

Game Bird Feed & Equipment

Like every other poultry, game birds require adequate nutrition to grow healthy. However, game birds do require more protein in their diets compared to other poultry. Without an adequate amount of protein in their diet, they might not be able to perform well when being hunted or used for dog training. Using an automatic feeder on your property can help keep your birds healthy – and make sure they stick around instead of wondering off in search of food. It is also important to supply a means of clean water to keep your birds growing healthy and strong.

Purchasing The Game Birds

Getting a reliable source of game birds that is trustworthy and professional can be tasking. At T&T Game Birds we strive to supply the best quail and pheasant in Texas. From 1 bird to 1,000 we can supply your needs near or far.