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Even if gamebird hunting is not particularly your thing, there are some other persons in your family who would do almost anything to feel the fun of it. There is no better time for going on full family outings and hunting expeditions like the end of year.

The T & T Gamebirds guided hunts for Christmas affords you that special opportunity to go hunting with plenty of birds and experienced guides. In view of this, T & T Gamebirds has provided an ingenious service for guided hunts offering an experience like no other in West Texas pheasant and quail hunting.

T & T Gamebirds has opened bookings for hunting trips throughout the 2019 year and the last few days of 2018. Contact us to purchase your guided hunt then schedule anytime this year or next for an event you will not forget.

The T & T Gamebirds hunting preserve is spread across three fields located just west of Lubbock, TX. We have lots of area to explore with the right habitat to make bird hunting fun and challenging.

Some of the birds we have available are Ringneck Pheasant Hens and Roosters, as well as Bobwhite quail. All birds on the T & T Gamebirds reserve have been raised by us and released prior to your hunt.  This ensures plenty of game will be out there when your hunt is booked.

We also offer complete birddog training for that hunter in your life.  Nothing is like hunting with a well-trained dog.

Hunting trips for our preserve members can be made directly online.  If you are not a member, just give us a call at 806.577.5514 or email us at. info@ttgamebirds.com. We look forward to hunting with you in 2019.