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TT Game Birds breeds non-native wildlife birds that are in the best condition for hunting. These farm raised birds are fed with the most nutritional feed which makes them very strong, active, healthy and good looking. They are kept in specifically designed pens to protect them from predators, train them on finding cover and encourage flight development.
Guaranteed Healthy
Whether you release your own birds or have us stock game birds for you, these birds are guaranteed hardy and these non-native wildlife birds know how to stay alive by hiding and covering themselves. They also know how to find food and water. It is our goal to raise birds that will thrive in the wild until you hunt them.
Spend Less on Replacement
If you have purchased game birds in the past and been disappointed with the quality, we can relieve your concerns. With our expert can and top facilities, we raise the best quail and pheasant in West Texas. That means your birds will survive longer and reproduce in the wild saving you money on replacements and additional stock season after season.
Great Fliers
TT Game Bird farm produce pheasants that are great fliers. They are healthy and so beautiful to watch when they take off. They know when to hide from danger and have developed the skills to fly when needed. We deliver healthy and active birds for hunting to our private preserve land or your own hunting grounds anytime throughout the year. Some game bird farms do not produce pheasants that are strong fliers because they are not given the appropriate feed to grow well or the right type of enclosures that allow for flying. We have specifically designed our program to encourage birds that can and will fly.
When you hunt farm-raised game birds you are exempt from the normal regulations of gender and seasons. It is important to retain your documentation and proof of the animals harvested.
When you want the best, most flexible hunting around call on TT Game Birds.