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T&T Game Birds offers a unique hunting opportunity around Lubbock, TX. We have three members-only hunting preserves and thousands of game birds ready to release ensuring your success in the field. We also offer fully guided quail and pheasant hunts for an unforgettable day of hunting.
About the Texas Hunting Season
Hunting season in Texas is widely anticipated and celebrated with the opening of dove season September first. In short order other seasons open including quail from October 27th through February 24th and Pheasant opening December 1st through December 30th.
When hunting wild game in Texas, those seasons must be followed. When hunting privately raised birds like ours, however, you can hunt year-round. That is a major benefit of our hunting reserve program.
Becoming a Member of the TT Game Birds Program.
Becoming a member of the TT Game Birds Program requires that you pay annual dues. The amount is dependent on the class of membership. Aside from the membership fee, members pay for any birds that they want to have released prior to their hunt. The program allows you the following membership categories: individual membership, family membership, and corporate membership. With prices going for $775 for an individual, $975 for family and $2750 for corporate. With this payment, you are entitled to the following:
1. Hunt as many times as you would like to on any of our private land.
2. You are not required to pay for guest fees. Except for individual membership where you are only entitled to one guest for free, then $45 for any other. Also $45 for guests that are outside your family.
3. Snack and drinks are provided for corporate membership.
How to Book for Hunts around Lubbock
It only makes sense to be a member of this program. Aside from its close proximity to Lubbock, Texas, you are guaranteed a fun filled time in the field. You can book online at our website: www.ttgamebirds.com/bookings We look forward to seeing you in the field this season.