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With hunting becoming more popular in Texas, and people learning new fun ways to pursue this wonderful hobby, there is only one true way to find out how exactly it feels, try it! Hunting can be exhausting, as much as it is fun, especially when you’re just starting out. The fun is magnified if you have the right place, with plenty of birds to hunt. At T&T Game Birds, we raise quail specifically bred for bird hunting around Lubbock.
Quail For Sale
At T&T Game Birds, we’ve spent years building the best facilities for breeding and raising bobwhite quail. Hunters and outfitters know that releasing quail the day before your big hunt will give your most chances of finding and shooting these elusive birds. Since these birds are pen-raised they are not considered natural wildlife so they do not have many of the limitations of seasons and bag limits. That gives you more flexibility in your hunt.
Whether you need 10 birds for this weekend or 10,000 birds for your guide service, we can supply your needs. For many hunters, we also handle the transport and release of birds to their own land. Hunting with your friends and family is a lot more fun when you see a lot of birds – and the most fun comes when you can bag a pile of quail for supper. Our goal is to put you on the best quail hunt of your life.
Quail Hunting Is Better With A Dog
Remember that you’ll get the best hunting experience anywhere when you have a clever hunting dog that understands his job. If you need help training your dog or a guided bird hunt with our bird dogs, we can help. We even have the land to take you hunting on. Top to bottom, we can make your quail hunting around Lubbock a success.
In addition to quail for sale, we also raise ringneck pheasant than can be purchased and released prior to your hunt. Call us today to place your order.