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T & T Game Bird – Available Hunts


Located just outside of Roundup, Texas, T & T Game Birds is home to over 2000 ring neck pheasant and thousands of Bobwhite Quail that were bred and raised by T&T. Bring your own gun and hunt our quality pheasant and quail with your coworkers, team, family, friends, or just you and your dog.



Year-Round Hunts

We are excited to announce that we now offer year-round hunting on a private hunting area. Hunts run from October-February for both quail and pheasant. Come out for a half day hunt. It’s the perfect opportunity for hunters who don’t want to drive far to hunt or don’t have access to land.

This hunt includes

  • Pay for the birds that you want the opportunity to hunt
  • No Bag Limit
  • May shoot hens or roosters

Prices vary depending on the amount of birds you want released.  If the hunters before you left birds out on the land, they are free game to you. Bring your dog or Randy can guide for you and bring his dog!

Valid TX hunting license required.

Hunting Info and Pricing

Guided Hunts

25 Quail – $250.00
10 Pheasant  – $250.00

Combo Species
5 Pheasant & 15 Quail – $250.00

Guided Hunts Include
Professional Guide and Dogs
Beverages in the field
No Bag Limit

Unguided Hunts

$60.00 per person plus cost of birds
Quail – $10.00 ea.
Pheasant Roosters – $21.00 ea.
Pheasant Hens – $16.00 ea.


If you have any questions

about our birds or hunts.